Business Score

Most companies that pursue SEO default to using keyword difficulty and search traffic to determine which keywords to target. They simply prioritize keywords that aren’t too competitive to rank for and regularly receive moderate to high search traffic.

But Ahrefs adds another layer to their research. Besides search traffic and difficulty, the Ahrefs team also uses an internal metric they call “Business Score.”

Business Score is a subjective rating measured on a scale from 0 to 3 and based on each keyword or potential topic’s relation to Ahrefs’ product.

0: The keyword can’t be tied to Ahrefs’ product.
1: Ahrefs provides only a partial solution.
2: Ahrefs provides a solution, but other tools solve the problem just as well.
3: Ahrefs’ product is an irreplaceable solution for the keyword.
For instance, a topic like “backlink analysis” ranks 3 while “email outreach" ranks 1—Ahrefs can help with finding companies to reach out to but it isn’t an all-encompassing solution for email outreach.

Ahrefs prioritizes keywords with a higher Business Score, using this metric to understand each keyword’s business value. Since they don’t make a compelling case for users to invest in Ahrefs, topics with a low Business Score are low-priority.

If you’re pursuing SEO, consider including Business Score in your keyword research. This metric will save you from creating content about topics that are relatively easy to rank for but don’t drive people into your product.